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National Gold, Inc. has acqired 3 additional patented claims by our Heather Ann claims in Kern County, California

This gives us several Billion Dollars more in precious metal reserves.

National Gold has Wildewoode Lumber, which is an alternative building material created from the waste material that would otherwise go to the local landfill.

Wildewoode Lumber is stronger than wood, impervious to water, is fire resitant, and the bugs will not eat it

Wildewoode Lumber can reduce, or even eliminate the need for landfills.

It can reduce the demand for harvesting our forest lands.

And, the cost of Wildewoode Lumber is about 20% of that of regular lumber.

With Wildewoode, we can bring employment to virtually every community in the world. This enhances National Gold's primary purpose of enabling us to bring environmentally sound business opportunities to all people everywhere.

Please submit your mining properties to us
for evaluation and possible acquisition

also let us know if you have ore that needs to be processed

Please take a look at our Business Plan
and our Due Diligence


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Last Updated - September 30, 2013